Tremendous fun for the very young!

July 11, 2018

During every school holiday break, we open the doors to our Training Centre in Brisbane to kids of all ages with low or no vision for a fun-filled week on camp.


Image of young kids and their mothers playing with colourful musical instruments

Students from all over Queensland are invited to join us to develop skills relevant to their age, grow their social opportunities and increase their confidence and independence. Each camp is held for a specific age group and incorporates a range of exciting activities designed to meet their developmental and social needs.

In July, some of our tiniest clients had their turn to experience the fun and excitement of the Littlies Mobility Camp. A group of one to three year olds from as far as Townsville experienced sensory play, music sessions and excursions for interactive learning, as well as some much-loved puppy playtime!

Thank you for helping us to provide these incredibly worthwhile programs to help babies, toddlers, kids and teens play, learn and grow. To find out more about programs for children, click here or contact us on 1800 810 122.


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