Get Support

Move with confidence

Travel confidently to work or school, or use technology to explore your community — whatever you need to make your life more independent, we'll support you to make it happen.

Live better at home

Whether you have had a change in vision or experienced low vision long-term, get the right skills and support to achieve your goals in life.

Feel better emotionally

Connect with others who understand the experience of living with low vision or blindness, and access support for other life challenges.

Support for kids and teens

Our programs for kids and teens are designed to teach them the skills they need to grow into confident and independent adults.

Understand your funding options

Find the right funding information and support with a personal guide by your side.

Support for Health Professionals and Carers.

Connect your patients with services to support their unique independence and mobility goals.

Welcome to My Community, My Way

Welcome to My Community, My Way – a new interactive hub for members of the Guide Dogs community.

Honnie changed everything for Arthur.

Will you help someone waiting for their perfect Guide Dog?