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Puppy Sponsorship

A yellow eight week old labrador puppy looking at the camera with a toy in its mouth.

Why your support is essential to our puppies

It takes up to two years and $50,000 to breed, raise and train every working Guide Dog.

Although two years might sound like a long time, a working Guide Dog can change a person’s circumstances for life. Your support, through a sponsorship, can transform the lives of Queenslanders, helping them live the life they choose, through the help of a Guide Dog.

People tell us about their new sense of freedom; of safety; of potential; of independence; and of companionship. They can navigate obstacles more easily. They can go places that were previously impossible. A Guide Dog helps people regain the ability to do things many of us take for granted: catch public transport, go to school or work, connect with friends and family, or simply move through the community with confidence.

International Guide Dog Day 2024

Anywhere you can go, Guide Dogs can go too.