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Maximise your independence.

Helen's Story

When it’s time for a Guide Dog to retire, it’s like losing your best friend.
Image of Helen, Hank and Sparky sitting on the grass.

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In this edition:

  • How U helped the U-nique puppy litter
  • Your thanks to Hank
  • What do robots and dogs have in common?
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An accessible online community platform for people with low vision and blindness. Check out your new home base for social connection, information, and more. It’s called CatchUp. You’ll find social discussions, resources and news, and opportunities to connect with people with low vision and blindness.

A yellow labrador Guide Dog in harness is walking down the footpath with its handler.

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Jason was born with an eye condition so rare, that most of his life he had no diagnosis and no name for the condition that limited his sight.

Now, with Guide Dog Tyson by his side, their adventures together are just beginning…

Image of Jason sitting on a small brick wall, hugging Tyson who is in front of him.

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I’ve gained a real sense of freedom, independence and confidence thanks to Guide Dogs. Having ‘Sansa’ by my side is like always having my best friend with me.

Jacinta Guide Dogs Client
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