Feel better emotionally.

Connect with others who understand the experience of living with low vision or blindness, and access support for other life challenges.

A person is standing in the street holding some flowers in one hand and their white cane in their other arm.

Counselling and Psychology

Build strategies to overcome any difficult feelings and continue living a fulfilling life, no matter where you are in your low vision journey.
A person doing push ups outside in the park. There is a black bag near them with a folded white cane leaning up against the bag.

Leisure and lifestyle services

Get out and explore the world to connect with new people.
A young child laying down looking into the face of a yellow labrador dog with a smile on their face, They are both outside and are sitting facing each other.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs can provide support for people with mental, emotional and behavioural conditions, illnesses and physical disabilities.

Hector saved Louise.

Three years ago, it was a miracle they survived. Now, the Miracle Litter are saving lives themselves.