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Corporate Partnerships.

Partner with Guide Dogs and demonstrate your business's commitment to enabling independence for people in our community living with low vision or blindness.
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Partner with Guide Dogs

You will also benefit from our strong brand awareness and reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted and iconic brands.

We understand that all organisations are unique. That’s why all partnerships are tailored to ensure our working relationship suits your business needs and social responsibility objectives.

To start your connection with Guide Dogs Queensland, please contact Victoria Shaw, Corporate Partnerships Advisor.

Phone: 1800 810 122


How to get involved

How to get involved

By collaborating together, we can help transform the way your organisation works within the community. In addition to sharing our iconic brand and vibrant culture with your workplace, we will provide opportunities to increase employee morale, promote team building, raise your brand profile and show your commitment to helping the community.

Become a Partner

Align your business with Guide Dogs through an ongoing relationship and see the new shared value and social impact a true Partnership can create.

We can find a program or service that your business can support to see tangible outcomes like sponsoring a full litter of puppies!

Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering through your workplace is an ideal team activity and a great way to develop new skills, build relationships, and increase employee engagement while giving back to the local community.

A yellow labrador dog sitting on its back legs outside with a person in front of the dog. The dog has one of its front paws lifted into the hand of the person and the person is holding a piece of dog food in their hand.

Pro Bono and In-kind Support

We have a number of valuable corporate partners that support the essential running of our Guide Dogs Services through in-kind donations. This support enables us to funnel more funding towards our programs.

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving creates an opportunity for your staff to contribute to a common goal and increase employee satisfaction. We can arrange a puppy visit or you can come on site to Guide Dogs and tour the site to see what your hard earned cash is contributing to.

Event Sponsorship

Get involved with a fundraiser by forming a team or being a financial or in-kind sponsor of one of our yearly events like our Guide Dogs Open Day or Guide Dogs Street Appeal.

Corporate Supporter

For a monthly or yearly donation you can be an official Corporate Supporter and receive updates on everything happening at Guide Dogs. Enjoy exclusive event invites and networking opportunities, come onsite for a visit and meet Guide Dogs in training.

Our partners

We are able to provide services for those with low vision or blindness thanks to generous contributions from our partners.

We would like to thank our major Corporate Partners, Trusts & Foundations, Community Partners and Top Model Collection Dog Hosts for the difference they make in the community.

Two ten week old puppies, one yellow and one black, outside seated on their back legs. The black puppy is licking the yellow puppy. There is dog health products in a white bottle in front of the puppies.

Contact our Corporate Partnerships Advisor

“Every partnership is a new opportunity for us to make a difference. I look forward to discussing how we can impact the lives of fellow Queenslanders together.”

Victoria, Corporate Partnerships Manager

Call 1800 810 122