Move with confidence.

Travel confidently to work or school, or use technology to explore your community — whatever you need to make your life more independent, we'll support you to make it happen.

An older adult man sitting at a cafe looking at their phone.

Orientation and Mobility

Know where you are, where you want to go and how to get there.
A black Guide Dog in harness standing next it's handler outside on some grass. The Guide Dog s looking at the camera.

Guide Dog Mobility

Guide Dog Mobility training provides skills and techniques to establish trust in your specially matched Guide Dog. Together, you can walk freely and feel confident regardless of your vision level.
Person standing outside with a white cane in one hand and a Miniguide in the other.

Assistive Technology

There are many tools and devices to help you access information, find your way around, connect with friends, or enjoy your favourite activities.

Hector saved Louise.

Three years ago, it was a miracle they survived. Now, the Miracle Litter are saving lives themselves.