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Orientation and Mobility.

Orientation and mobility training is all about helping you build your ability by enhancing your mobility skills.
Person standing outside with a white cane in one hand and a Miniguide in the other.

Gain the practical skills you need

Mobility is part of every single aspect of life and can easily be taken for granted. From being able to get on a train, to travel to work each day, to simply being able to walk to the end of your driveway, there is nothing we do that doesn’t involve some element of Orientation and Mobility.

We’re here to help you whether you’ve experienced long-term low vision, recent changes in vision, or you’re gradually losing sight.

Close up image of the bottom half of a white cane on tactile tiles.

Who can access this training?

During your first program, your instructor will teach you the basics you need to travel safely and independently. You can then contact us at any time throughout your life for assistance if you need to refresh your skills or learn any new travel routes.

If your vision changes over time, we will work with you to help you adapt the skills and equipment you have already, or practice any other skills you might not have needed to use previously.

How are the programs delivered?

All our Orientation and Mobility programs are built specifically around your individual needs, with each program personalised for every client.

Depending on the specific skills you hope to learn, you might receive training at home, get out and about to apply your training in the community, learn alongside family members or co-workers, or join us for programs on site.

It’s all about helping you to experience and enjoy your surroundings.

Two people, one adult & one older person, sitting on a couch looking at each other laughing.

What skills could I gain?

Undertaking Orientation and Mobility training will help you master the concepts and abilities you need to be able to move through your environment safely and confidently, which is crucial to maximising your independence. It can help you with things like:

  • Getting around your community safely
  • Navigating through both familiar and new environments
  • Catching public transport
  • Using aids to increase your mobility
  • Maintaining your hobbies and activities
  • Increasing your independence and confidence
Person standing on a sidewalk with their yellow Guide Dog in harness who is seated next to them. The person is using their iPhone.
"You wouldn’t think that such a simple thing like a cane could make such a difference, but it’s given me a lot of the freedom I thought I’d lost. I allowed my world to shrink and the cane’s opened it up again. "
- Linda

Get in touch

Our Orientation and Mobility Specialists will assess how your level of vision affects your mobility and then help you find the way ahead.

We’re here to help you achieve the things you want to, like teaching you the skills you need to get around your home and community safely and independently.

Simply get in touch with our friendly Client Services team using the form below to chat further about how we can help you.

Ph: 07 3500 9060


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