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July 05, 2018

Guide Dog puppy ‘Lexie’ is a familiar sight around the high rise building where she goes to work each day with her Puppy Raiser Julie.


‘Lexie’ and her bright orange coat, which she’s yet to grow into, brings a smile to those who pass her in the street, the building security, concierge, gardeners and the office workers alike. She swiftly manoeuvres through the security gates and elevators like she was born to do it. When she’s in her training coat, she knows she has to be on her best behaviour.

In the office, ‘Lexie’ stays in or beside her special crate bed during the day and goes out for regular breaks just like all of the other workers. She is so quiet during the day that Julie’s colleagues on the same floor often ask if she is even in the office!

Everyone in Julie’s building regularly ask how ‘Lexie’s’ training is going and comment on her progress from week to week. Her colleagues feel involved and frequently comment that they wish ‘Lexie’ could come to their floor to visit them.

‘Lexie’ will soon be catching the bus to and from work, just like other city commuters. She is a very clever puppy and is very thankful for her wonderful Puppy Raiser Julie.

Julie and ‘Lexie’ feel so lucky that they get to spend every day together at work, because Guide Dog puppies can go everywhere with their handlers.

Thanks so much to Julie for providing us with an insight into her experience with ‘Lexie’ in the workplace! If you’d like to raise a Guide Dog puppy and take them with you to work (and everywhere else!) click here to find out more.


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