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Meet our vet!

August 02, 2018

Behind every dog you help to become a life-changing Guide Dog is a dedicated team who spend their time shaping each dog to be the best they can be.

Breeding and Veterinary Care Manager Dion shares with us a little bit about his life as the resident Guide Dogs vet.

Image of a man holding a yellow Guide Dog puppyHow long have you been a vet?

“This year I’ll be celebrating 20 years as a vet.”

What brought you to Guide Dogs Queensland?

“I had been working for a Guide Dog school in another state and when the opportunity came up to move to Queensland I jumped at the chance. There are more dogs here, so I have a chance to make a bigger difference.”

What’s involved in being a vet for Guide Dogs?

“It’s a very busy and diverse job. I take care of the vaccinations, routine healthcare and treatment of Guide Dog puppies of all ages. I oversee the Breeding Program, which involves assisting in the breeding, birthing and rearing process. I work with a wonderful team and also get to liaise with specialists for more complex cases.”

How many Guide Dog puppies have you worked with?

“Many hundreds!”

Do you ever have a favourite?

“Yes, it’s hard not to. The Guide Dog mums in particular, as I spend a lot of time with them and often help them through a very important time of their life”

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

“There are so many parts of this job that are rewarding. For me, seeing a dog I’ve helped from the very beginning graduate and become a working dog is incredibly fulfilling. It’s the difference they make to their handlers that makes this job truly amazing.”

It’s because of the support of people like you that we can provide Guide Dog mums, puppies, Guide Dogs-in-training and working Guide Dogs with the specialist and ongoing care they need. Thank you for your commitment to Guide Dogs.


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