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U-nique U-Litter names chosen by U

March 04, 2024
Seven black Labrador puppies wearing orange training coats and looking at the camera. Below the puppies is a pink banner with black text. Text reads 'Unity, Uno, Usman, Ultra, Uri, Ulrich & Ulani'.

Picking the paw-fect names for the next generation of promising puppies can be a bit of a challenge when U get towards the end of the alphabet.

But the letter “U” was no match for your creativity!

Puppy Pals right across Queensland unleashed their imagination to come up with the ultimate set of u-nique names for their newest litter of sponsored puppies.

From over 100 suggestions, the paw-fect seven names were picked with fitting meanings behind each. Meet: Usman, Ulrich, Ultra, Uno, Uri, Unity and Ulani.

Ulani: Cheerful.
Ulrich: Noble.
Ultra: Beyond the range of limits.
Unity: Being together or at one with someone.
Uno: Number one. It’s also a well-suited name for a playful pup with a nod to the popular card game.
Uri: My light, my flame (conveying warmth and the potential to become someone’s guiding light).
Usman: The chosen one amongst a tribe of brave people (and a nod to Australian cricket).

As a Puppy Pal you’ll be able to follow the U Litter’s journey throughout the year with exclusive updates on their progress. For more information visit


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