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Totally Wild visit Guide Dogs’ young stars

September 11, 2019

Guide Dogs Queensland’s youngest stars – both humans and canines – had the incredible opportunity to star on children’s TV program, Totally Wild.


Host Emily Dickson spent time in the Nursery playing, cuddling, reading to, and even bathing the youngest pups who are now growing up to become life-changing guide dogs.

She also ventured to the shops to watch the dedicated puppy educators in action, teaching the basic skills needed to one day change someone’s life. The tiny new recruits even braved the dog food aisle, focusing on the important job at hand.

Guide Dogs staff walk small yellow labrador puppies through a shopping centre as the Totally Wild TV crew film the training

As cute as the pups are, it was the two-legged youngsters who really stole the show on the day.

Riley, a 10-year-old passionate supporter, who launched his own dog-walking business in support of Guide Dogs shared why he chooses to raise money for Guide Dogs and why he is determined to raise even more money through next year’s PAWGUST campaign.

Riley, a 10-year-old boy, stands in the middle with a black labrador and three member of the Totally Wild Crew underneath a tree.

Then it was time for some friendly competition with a game of SWISH.

SWISH is a game similar to table tennis but uses modified balls with bells to assist those with vision loss. Instead of a net it has an opaque screen that makes it fair game for everyone. It’s a popular choice for children at Guide Dogs Queensland, and while friendly, it is definitely competitive.

Teens and best mates Jack and Logan battled it out on the SWISH table, but then shared their sense of humour and wit with the Totally Wild crew – demonstrating above all else, that vision loss doesn’t have to stop you from living life the way you want to.

The boys explained how they are using technology to help them navigate the world with vision loss, while also sharing the journey they have been on with Guide Dogs.

Jack and Logan stand beside each other on one side of the SWISH table, while the teacher faces away from the camera and drops the ball onto the table.

The day was fun-filled and informative and was a wonderful way for the youngest members of the Guide Dogs community to share information on all the different aspects of Guide Dogs.


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