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So what does a Guide Dogs Canine Attendant do?

March 12, 2024
A canine attendent sitting on the grass with two puppies.

From vets to Guide Dog Mobility Specialists to Canine Attendants —to name just a few—your support enables a dedicated team of specialists to transform promising puppies into life-changing Guide Dogs.

For Guide Dogs Canine Attendants like Ryan, his job is both a fun and rewarding one.

“What I love most about my role is seeing the joy and the excitement the dogs get from doing different things—whether it’s a walk or free run, a groom or even just enjoying some tasty peanut butter in a frozen Kong,” Ryan said.

“You really see their eyes light up.”

Ryan’s day starts bright and early (Ryan calls it “dog o’clock”), assisting with maintaining high-quality kennel and nursery environments. This is vital to ensure the dogs’ health and well-being are always the top priority.

“With beds made and a delicious breakfast done, I then take the pups and dogs for some free time play in the yard—or for the younger ones, it’s a play in the nursery enrichment area.

“Next, we do daily grooming and health checks, and I may also assist with some dog obedience training and puppy development, including attending classes or heading out for some off-site socialisation.”

While it’s certainly a dream job for Ryan and any dog lover, it’s your donations that make it possible to have this passionate team working hard to provide constant care and love to our dogs-in-training. We simply couldn’t do it without you.

To find out more about how you can help sponsor a Guide Dog-in-training or a specialist dog or client support team member like Ryan, please contact Kerry in our Philanthropy Team on 07 3500 9005.


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