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A lasting legacy and a new chapter for Hans

March 12, 2024
Sue and Hans

You may remember Hans from our last edition of Guide Dog Tales.

Hans and his neighbour Chris were true mates who wanted to create a lasting impact through gifts in their Wills.

After Hans passed away, a promising puppy was named in his memory. Chris was honoured to see his friends’ legacy live on, proudly following the progress of tiny pup Hans all the way through to life-changing Guide Dog companion.

“Watching Guide Dogs Hans’ journey was incredibly rewarding and reaffirmed to me that Hans (the human’s) decision to include Guide Dogs in his Will was absolutely the right one—and I know that it is absolutely the right choice for me too,” Chris said.

“Knowing that one day my gift will help someone living with low vision in the same way Hans’ has, means the world to me.”

Guide Dog Hans recently found his perfect match with Sue on the Gold Coast, providing her with wonderful companionship and more confidence in her day-to-day life.

He’s also learnt to share his new home with Sue’s cat, his new fur-sibling named Precious, much to Sue’s delight.

“They’re very good together and even touch noses now,” Sue told us with a smile.

“Hans is very kind, gentle, and conscious of our relationship.

“I enjoy the comfort of having him around and knowing that he never leaves my side.”

Sue has peace of mind knowing Hans is looking out for obstacles and helping her navigate challenges such as the uneven pavements in her local area.

“I really enjoyed the process of being matched with Hans and was so impressed with the trainers,” she said.

“They were very kind, understanding and thorough. Every detail was considered so it really was a perfect match.”

Hans has had a real impact in Sue’s life today and given her reassurance for the future.

“I’m known as being ferociously independent,” Sue explained.

“I live by myself and manage as much as I can on my own. With Hans’ help, I’m hoping to be able to do that for longer than I might have been able to without him.

“I am absolutely in awe of people who would give a gift in their Will to train a dog to do such an important thing.

“I think it’s amazing and I’d like to think my Hans is a great example that encourages others to do the same.”

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Leave a lasting legacy like Hans

Did you know that one in two Australians has writing or updating their Will on their ‘to do’ list? If you’re one of these people, we’ve listed some simple steps below to help get you started.

Step 1: Contact our team.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. You can call Renae on 07 3869 5917 or email

Step 2: Discuss with your legal advisor.

They’ll provide advice to ensure your Will meets all legal requirements, giving you confidence that your wishes will be carried out.

Step 3: Tell your family and friends.

Once you’ve taken care of your family and friends, it’s important to discuss your intentions with them so they understand your decision to support Queenslanders with low vision or blindness.

Step 4: Prepare your Will.

Between 18 and 24 March, SafeWill is offering free online Wills to the Guide Dogs community. To write your online Will, visit


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