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Meet Puppy Raiser Carlo!

February 15, 2024
Image of Carlos with a puppy in a training coat.

Carlo is a long-time Puppy Raiser for Guide Dogs, having now raised five pups. Volunteering as a second-stage Puppy Raiser, Carlo looks after pups in the six-to-nine-month age range, which he says works well with his lifestyle.

Carlo is a self-employed financial advisor and works from home the majority of the time.

“We endeavour to do everything with the pup in our care – we go to the football, see a movie, go to the theatre, ballet, we’ve seen plays and visit art exhibitions, anything we can think of really,” said Carlo.

“My wife and I don’t have children, so contributing to the upbringing of potential Guide Dogs, and knowing the difference they will make to someone’s life one day, feels like a great contribution that we can make to our community,” he said.

Carlo and his wife live in an apartment building in inner-city Brisbane, which he says has not been a barrier in becoming a puppy raiser.

“I thought that we might not be eligible, given we live in an apartment, but working with the team at Guide Dogs, we have found a routine that works great for the pups and great for us,” said Carlo.

“Our pups learn quickly how to navigate in and around elevators and other common areas of our building, and they get to meet lots of other residents in the halls – I think it is a good experience for them!”

Carlo believes the fulfilment and rewards you get from the experience of volunteering with Guide Dogs far outweigh any concerns someone might have about embarking on the journey.

“Most comments I hear from people when I’m out and about with our pup is ‘oh I couldn’t bring a dog to work’, they assume that it wouldn’t be aloud or suitable, but I would encourage someone to ask – you might be surprised,” he said.

“I would say to someone thinking about volunteering to give it a try, you’ll be surprised by the amount of support you have. Volunteering with Guide Dogs mean you join a community of dedicated, friendly people who all have the same mission of changing people’s lives. To me, that is worth giving it a chance,” he said.

Carlo proudly displays in his home the graduation photo of every Guide Dog he has helped to raise and speaks fondly about his experience with each dog, noting the difference in their personalities.

“It’s amazing how different one pup can be from the other, the experience is never exactly the same and I learn something new from each dog every time,” said Carlo.

For Carlo, it’s the end result of seeing a pup he has raised become a life-changing Guide Dog that keeps him putting his hand up for more pups to raise!

“It’s so rewarding to give back. Guide Dogs change lives, that is a fact and it’s great to be a part of that,” he said.

We are so grateful that you do, Carlo! Thank you for the contribution you continue to make to the community of people with low vision or blindness.

Click here to make an expression of interest in becoming a puppy raiser today!


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