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Margaret’s story

May 23, 2019

Margaret only initially intended to put her hand up to volunteer for 12 months. Flash forward 15 years and we’re lucky enough to still have her as part of our Guide Dogs family!

If you’re in Bundaberg and looking to source some second-hand bargains, Margaret can point you in the right direction at our Guide Dogs op shop.

Margaret first started volunteering after she visited the store and met the lovely volunteers behind the counter.

You won’t find many people more passionate about giving back to their community than Margaret.

Margaret works hard, going above and beyond to ensure that the store runs smoothly and every customer has a positive experience.

You’ll often find her in her favourite section – the craft section – carefully sorting the linen, craft and sewing supplies. She has even been known to take items home herself to sort and wash them if they need it!

It’s volunteers like Margaret who make such a positive impact on the community with their generosity. To find out more about our volunteer opportunities click here.


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