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Gillian and Warren’s story

May 24, 2019

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you would know how much grooming they require. Now imagine grooming an entire kennel full of energetic adolescent pups!

This is just part of the job for Gillian and Warren who have volunteered for an inspiring total of 23 years between them. Gillian is also a life-member having dedicated over 15 years to Guide Dogs.

They both volunteer in kennels multiple times a week ensuring that not only our future Guide Dogs are well groomed and looked after, but also that our wonderful dog distractors, Billie and Betty, are safe in the kennels at night.

Warren also dedicates a couple of days a week to working on site in the warehouse, ensuring that our collection dogs are kept in perfect condition, ready to go out into the community.

In their time with Guide Dogs, Gillian and Warren also worked as carers for Trainee Support Dog ‘Charlie’ during his career. They were generous enough to offer their home after he retired and they are pleased to report that ‘Charlie’ is living his best life with them and soaking up every moment of his retirement.

By providing care for Guide Dogs and helping out in vital areas of the organisation, volunteers like Warren and Gillian ensure that Guide Dogs can continue to provide vital services to the community.

If you want to find out about how you can volunteer with Guide Dogs, click here.


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