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Barron Barnett Lodge making a difference

August 14, 2023
John from Baron Barnett Lodge kneeling alongside a bunch of orange, green, blue and silver birthday balloons as well as Guide Dog-in-training, Baron, and his Puppy Raiser.

Guide Dogs-in training, Barron and Barnett are seen alongside their Puppy Raisers as well as a staff member from Guide Dogs and two representatives from Barron Barnett Lodge

What makes a Guide Dog truly unique is the passion and commitment they bring out in the community. When John Zamofing, a member of Barron and Barnett Lodge crossed paths with a Guide-Dog-in-training during a visit to another lodge, he knew this was a cause he wanted to get behind.

Since then, Barron Barnett Lodge has joined forces with Guide Dogs Queensland, as community sponsors, to help raise awareness and support for Guide Dogs. A year later, their support and generosity has helped so many people living with low vision or blindness.

In 2022 Barron Barnett Lodge hosted a Dining in the Dark event which raised over $10k. Client Ambassador, Brent Matthews spoke at the event. John was so moved by the insight Brent gave to the life of someone with low or no vision that he took it upon himself to apply for additional funding through Hand Heart Pocket, The Charity of the Freemasons. The result was additional funding to the tune of $50k to sponsor a Guide Dog. This generous donation has sponsored the ‘F’ Litter and as a thank you for their support, pups Barron and Barnett were named in honour of the Lodge.

For Barron Barnett Lodge, they can see first-hand the difference their efforts have made in the community. “We can see the dogs on the street working, we can see the people being able to enjoy their lives again because they have a friend, not only a dog but a friend and it gives them a new life because of what Guide Dogs do. You give a new life to the people, you give hope,” said John.

The ‘F’ litter have now turned one year old and will soon take their next steps in their journey to becoming Guide Dogs at the end of this year. To celebrate this milestone Guide-Dogs-in-training, Barron and Barnett joined members of Barron Barnett Lodge, along with their puppy raisers, to celebrate their wonderful achievements. More than half a million Australians live with low vision or blindness. Through the support of the community, we can help to make sure they aren’t going through it alone.

“We are only on the planet for a short time so it’s important to do what we can to help others” – John Zamofing

John Zamofing (pictured right) and John Den Dulk (pictured left) representatives from Barron and Barnett Lodge embracing each other and laughing towards the camera

If you’d like to get involved with Guide Dogs or support the journey or a Guide Dog puppy, contact Rebecca McCormack at