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Barbara and Graeme’s story

May 24, 2019

From organising our exciting Dining in the Dark event to fundraising, boarding and Puppy Raising; Barbara and Graeme have managed to make a positive impact in nearly every area of Guide Dogs over the past 10 years.

If you’ve ever been to one of our exciting Dining in the Dark events you would understand how much effort goes on behind the scenes. It’s Graeme who ensures that all the pieces are in place to make the night a success.

Barbara started out collecting donations at shopping centres and has now been involved in countless different roles, assisting wherever she can. Most recently, she has moved into the nursery to help our smallest recruits at the start of their journeys.

After almost 15 years of volunteering, Graeme and Barbara continue to make a massive impact on the Guide Dogs community.

With their passion and dedication, Barbara and Graeme are two of the many volunteers who make it possible for Guide Dogs to continue to offer their support and assistance to people living with low or no vision.

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