A day in the life of a GDQ mobility camp attendee

May 07, 2019

During the school holidays we welcomed kids in years 4-6 on site for a week of exciting activities.

They had the chance to meet some of our beautiful puppies and were treated to a cooking lesson from Nate Quinell the Hurricane Chef. What could be better than morning puppy cuddles and homemade Tacos?

Here’s a little look into a day in the life of a GDQ camp attendee.

Thursday morning kicked off with a visit from two members of our very cute ‘F’ litter who loved the opportunity to meet some new faces and get some snuggles. Both ‘Felix’ and ‘Fern’ were happy to pose for photos with the kids while investigating their new surroundings.

Afterward, the pups headed off for their nap and Nate Quinell the Hurricane Chef arrived at GDQ to take a morning cooking lesson.

Nate’s dish of choice was Tacos which meant there was lots of chopping and vegetable preparation to do.

He demonstrated a variety of techniques and took the kids through a step by step process that they could easily follow and repeat themselves.

After the tacos were prepped and cooked, parents and staff rejoined the kids to enjoy a delicious lunch.

By learning these skills at a young age, kids are able to grow up with independence and confidence in their own abilities.

These camps aim to give kids of all ages the chance to build new skills and enjoy different experiences while in a safe and supportive environment.

If your child or someone you know could benefit from attending one of these camps, you can contact our friendly team on 3500 9060 or at



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