Providing the paw-fect match

February 27, 2020

Your support helps Guide Dogs at every step of the journey from tiny puppy to being matched with a client. But, you may not know just how much is involved with the matching process.

Jason McKee has completed a cadet-ship at Guide Dogs Queensland to become a qualified Guide Dog Mobility Instructor and shares just what is in store for ‘Lucky’ over the coming weeks.

“It can take weeks to find the perfect match. Not just to find the perfect dog for our clients, but also the right client for the dog,” Jason explained.

“There’s a lot of things to consider during the matching process. We look at the client’s lifestyle and daily routine and find the right dog for that environment. For the dogs, we are looking at energy levels, temperament, walking pace, environments where the dog feels most comfortable.”

“It’s a long process, but we need to make sure we get it right to ensure a good partnership between handler and Guide Dog.”


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