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Miracle pup puts best paw forward

December 15, 2019

Just eight months ago, the H litter weren’t expected to live through their first few hours, but today they are putting their best paws forward to grow into life-changing Guide Dogs.

Puppy raiser Grace sits on a bench with puppy in training 'Hector' sitting in front of her

Puppy raiser Grace and ‘Hector’.

Puppy Raiser, Grace, who is raising miracle pup Hector, said you wouldn’t even know the pups almost lost their lives earlier this year.

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“Hector is so happy and healthy. Like so many Guide Dog pups, he is gorgeous and clever, quick and eager to learn – especially for treats,” Grace said.

Hector is the second puppy Grace and her husband Mark have raised together. Their first pup, Vinn is now in formal training, preparing to take his second blindfold test before he can potentially qualify as a Guide Dog.

“Raising Vinn was a lovely experience because we saw him grow from this cute, playful pup into a gentle giant,” Grace said.

Grace and Mark raised Vinn from just eight weeks of age, but in the new STEP program, they opened their heart and home to ‘Hector’ at six months old.

“I love the new program because the pups come ready with skills that we just need to practice and fine tune at home. It is less demanding on raisers and the pups benefit from additional one-on-one attention with the educators,” Grace said.

If Grace could describe her experience raising pups Vinn and Hector in three words it would be: “an absolute joy”.

Puppy Raiser on the grass with their puppy.

Puppy raisers Grace and Mark and ‘Vinn’.

“The ability to have such beautiful, clever dogs in your house, as your companion, to go on walks and outings with; and being able to take pup practically anywhere… there are just so many positives,” Grace said.

Would Grace recommend puppy raising?

“Definitely! I already speak to people I meet and those who seem interested. It’s a full-time commitment, but oh so rewarding when you see how the pup responds,” Grace said.

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