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‘Kick’-starting confidence

March 28, 2024
A group of people in a self defence class.

Self-defense classes are helping more Queenslanders living with low vision or blindness build confidence to feel safe when moving independently around their communities.

Dalmayne has been a keen participant in the lifestyle program.

“There are fantastic people in the class and Nick, our Sensei, really helps make us all feel very safe,” she said.

“I used to get so emotional and upset at the thought of venturing out into public spaces—it was all too much with my limited vision.

“Something as simple as a basketball bouncing down the street would create a feeling of unease and vulnerability.

“But now I feel more confident and well prepared with the techniques and tools I’ve learnt to stay safe.”

Thank you for creating opportunities for Queenslanders to learn new skills, improve fitness and increase confidence through these classes and the Leisure and Lifestyle program.


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