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Kerri’s Story

August 21, 2018

Make a difference in your community

Many begin volunteering to make a difference to others, but begin to notice a difference in themselves.

That’s certainly been the case for dedicated volunteers like Kerri who have been helping out in the Guide Dogs Queensland office.

“I like to lend a hand where I can and Guide Dogs is a wonderful place to volunteer. I’ve learnt so many new skills and it’s a really supportive environment” she said.

Image of a woman using a photocopier in an office

She started helping out in the kennels but decided to lend a hand in the office to engage her organisational skills for good.

With most having such a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to find time to volunteer.


Kerri has been giving a bit of her time whenever she finds a chance and after meeting new people and learning a range of diverse skills, she’s been reaping the benefits of giving back.

Volunteering can give you self-confidence, a sense of purpose and even make you happier

And better yet, you’re making a difference to fellow Queenslanders of every age who are living with low or no vision. That’s the greatest benefit of all!  


Your kind gift this tax time will change a life!

Help raise funds to support the start of a new adventure for Queenslanders who are waiting for their perfect Guide Dog match.