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Keeping calm in storm season

November 28, 2017

It’s no secret that our dogs’ hearing is a lot more sensitive than ours, so what might just sound like a loud storm to us can be very distressing for them.


Image of a yellow puppy lying on the ground with a storm brewing in the background

To help prevent your dog from becoming anxious or running away in a storm, we’ve put together a few tips to help you and your dog stay safe and calm:

  • Find a safe space for your dogs to seek shelter in during a storm. Ensure they are comfortable and familiar with the space.
  • During a storm you can try playing pet-friendly classical music or even run a load of dishes or laundry to provide a calming or familiar noise to assist with relaxation.
  • Try and have your dog’s favourite toy, blanket or bed nearby to help keep them comfortable throughout the storm.
  • Avoid scolding your dog during a storm, as it may confuse them and encourage fearful behaviours associated with storms.
  • Ensure your dog is microchipped to help you locate them if they get lost.

Once the storm is over, always ensure that the area is safe from fallen trees or powerlines and broken fences before you let your dog wander untethered. Heavy winds and rain can change familiar scents and landmarks, so ensure they are comfortable in their environment and don’t become disoriented.

We hope these simple steps help to make this storm season a safe one for you and your pooch!


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