Janine’s lottery win

November 04, 2016

Janine has been an active suppawter of Guide Dogs for many years but she got the surprise of her life when she won the Guide Dogs Lottery!


Image of a man and woman crouching on the grass beside a yellow Golden Retriever in a coat

Janine has a passion to help Guide Dogs in any way that she can and has always bought a ticket in the Guide Dogs Lottery as another way to give back.

“I’ve been buying tickets in the Guide Dogs lottery for years, but I’ve never done it to win. It was always about the support,” she said.

Janine couldn’t believe her luck when her ticket was drawn as the winner and she found out she’d be driving away in a brand new BMW 3 Series 320i.

After twelve years of suppawting Guide Dogs, the win came as a very unexpected surprise.

“I honestly couldn’t believe it. It was such a big shock” she said.

“It was extremely unexpected and incredibly humbling. I feel very lucky and appreciative.”

Janine’s incredible suppawt of Guide Dogs has stemmed from her lifelong love of dogs, and she even has one of our rehomed dogs named ‘Joe’ as part of her family!

Our suppawters like Janine are vital to us being able to continue ensuring Queenslanders who are blind or vision impaired are able to find their freedom and independence.

Help us make a difference by entering our latest lottery today. Not only will you be helping us to continue providing our life-changing services, you could also be driving away in a brand new BMW like Janine!


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