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Introducing our Miracle Litter

June 10, 2019

Today there are seven yellow puppies playing on site at Guide Dogs Queensland, but just a few weeks ago they were not expected to survive their first day.

A complicated pregnancy saw mum ‘Nora’ go into labour an entire week early which, when the duration of a full pregnancy is only nine short weeks, is a significant amount of time.


The team at Guide Dogs were extremely worried about both ‘Nora’ and her little ones, so they rushed her to Queensland Veterinary Specialists (QVS) North Lakes for an emergency birth. Miraculously, with the hard work of a dedicated team, seven tiny puppies were delivered.

Weighing barely 200 grams and without any fur on their feet or noses, the challenge for these pups was only just beginning.

For the first week of their lives they lived in a portable ICU unit that was kept at a constant 30 degree temperature. They hadn’t developed the ability to suck, so every two hours they had to be hand fed just a dribble of milk through a tube.

The process was slow and the team at Guide Dogs were left holding their breath. Guide Dogs Vet Dion Humbler recalls how the vets as QVS didn’t even want to let him in to visit the puppies.



“They (QVS) just didn’t think the puppies would make it. The final stages of a pregnancy are crucial to development and these little ones had to do it all without help from mum.” Mr Humbler said.

However, despite all odds, the puppies persevered.

Join us next week on #miraclemonday to hear about mum ‘Nora’s’ inspiring story and the next chapter in the journey of these miracle pups.

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