Helen and Hank: the paw-fect partnership

May 06, 2020

Helen Willett lost her vision when an eye operation went wrong about 20 years ago. She lost the confidence and independence she once had, but now, Hank has helped her to regain her freedom.

“I live out of town, so have to catch public transport and sometimes taxis to get where I want to go. Before the coronavirus, I used to fly quite a bit, especially to New South Wales. If I didn’t have Hank with me, I wouldn’t have the confidence to do any of that travelling, so I probably wouldn’t ever leave the house,” she said.

“Hank also gives me a lot of company, especially during this time with coronavirus restrictions, he is just always there with me.

“Hank is a fantastic dog, and I am so grateful to Guide Dogs Queensland for giving me Hank and this new sense of confidence and independence. We like to give back, so normally we volunteer at the Bundaberg Op Shop once a week. Lots of locals know and love Hank, and he loves the special attention.”


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