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First steps with a Guide Dog

July 03, 2016

Two children with low vision recently had the chance to experience what life would be like with the help of a Guide Dog.


While 10-year-old Sidney from Cairns and 13-year-old Tayla from Townsville currently use long canes to help them get around, they were very excited to try their first ever practice walk with a Guide Dog when we were in their local areas with our travelling Mobility Expo.

Local instructor Sam has been working with both kids to help them develop their mobility skills and prepare them for independent travel as an adult.

Having a Guide Dog-in-training come to our Mobility Expo in Cairns and Townsville provided a rare and very special experience for Sidney to try a walk with Guide Dog-in-training ‘Sean’ and Tayla to walk with Guide Dog ‘Gabby’.

“Walking with ‘Gabby’ was really cool,” Tayla said.

“She just knew what to do. I didn’t know that when we were walking she would actually stop and check if there were any cars coming to make sure it was safe for us to cross.”

Both of them loved the experience and thanks to your ongoing support, will have the chance to work with Guide Dogs in the future if they choose, helping both of them thrive as confident and independent adults.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we are able to help children like Sidney and Tayla all over the state explore options that will suit their changing needs as they grow.

Image of a boy in a school uniform walking with a Guide Dog with the help of a Guide Dogs Queensland instructor