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Cooking with confidence

June 26, 2019

If you’ve recently visited Guide Dogs Queensland on a Tuesday afternoon, you may have been tempted to follow your nose into the client kitchen where members of the cooking class have been creating mouth-watering meals.

Through the use of various types of assistive technology, the cooking classes are aimed at helping participants who are blind or vision impaired to develop the confidence and skills they need to be able to go home, apply their new skills and cook independently.

After spending the last few weeks cooking everything from risotto to choc chip cookies and pizza pin wheels, MJ, Hayley and Stacey have finished up with a whole lot of confidence and a whole set of recipes they’re eager to make at home.

All three ladies said using the assistive technology in the classes had made a huge difference to their cooking experience.

For MJ, the asstive technology incorporated in the cooking classes has completely transformed her confidence.

“I don’t feel helpless anymore. I used to think that I couldn’t do it, but now I know that even if I can’t, I can just learn how,” MJ said.

She has even started branching out, using the recipes she’s learnt to create her own custom meals at home.

“All the recipes we learnt are base recipes you can turn into anything. You could make scone dough and then turn it into something savoury like pizza rolls,” MJ said.

Hayley said the classes had given her the confidence to take on future challenges.


“I haven’t cooked these recipes at home yet, but I just ordered a whole lot of assistive technology and I’m just waiting for it in the mail,” Stacey said. “I loved using the talking scales and I can’t wait for mine to arrive!”

“I’m used to cooking in all the normal ways but now I’m learning how to use the equipment so that I can adapt,” Hayley said.

MJ realised just how much her confidence had grown when she whipped up a delicious pasta bake independently in her own home.

Hayley agreed the technology had been an invaluable aspect of the classes.

“The assistive cooking techniques were so helpful. It felt amazing. I made this meal without making mistakes. I made it myself,” MJ said.

“I make all the food for my family and now I can be proud of what I’m doing,” Hayley said. “I’m learning how to cook for my future and for myself.”

If you want to regain your confidence in the kitchen, you can call our friendly team on 3500 9060 or email


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