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An office packed full of support

July 31, 2020

Three years ago, Tracey Hollens-Riley became became a volunteer Puppy Raiser. She had the support of her workplace, but could never have imagined just how far her employer, ACAC Innovations, would go to help Guide Dogs Queensland.

Tracey is now raising her third guide dog puppy, ‘Violet’, and her decision has had a bigger impact than she could have imagined.

“I work in the ACAC Innovations office in Newstead, so when I started puppy raising I had to ask ACAC Innovations if they were happy for me to bring a pup into the office,” Tracey remembered.

Tracey Ho/lens-Riley and her second guide dog pup 'Archie'.

Tracey Hollens-Riley and her second guide dog pup ‘Archie’.


For Founder and Chair of ACAC Innovations, Andy Greig, accepting Tracey’s first guide dog pup, ‘Dale’, into the office was easy, and so was choosing to offer their own support to Guide Dogs Queensland.

“My family also has a charity foundation called the Greig Asbury Foundation, and seeing the work Tracey does made us decide we wanted to support Guide Dogs with a financial contribution as well,” Andy said.

“It’s nice to make a financial contribution, but this is to Tracey’s credit. She opened our eyes to the work Guide Dogs does. It is just fantastic.”

For information about corporate volunteering or partnerships, please contact Victoria Shaw on 3869 5932.