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Little Paws 4pk – Four perfectly paw-some puppy tales by Jess Black

A fun, heart-warming series about the puppies that train to become Guide Dogs and the families who help raise them.

GOLDIE MAKES THE GRADE Guide Dog puppy Goldie has been with Abby Agresta and her family since she was eight weeks old. Now she is nearly fourteen month and it is almost time for her to leave and begin her final Guide Dog training.

Abby is proud of Goldie and is determined to make the most of the time they have left together. However, when the cupcakes that Abby’s mum has made for the school charity day go missing, it looks like Goldie is the most likely culprit! Can Abby clear Goldie’s name.

RINGO’S ROAD TRIP Six-month-old Guide Dog Puppy Ringo can already sit, stay and is full of smiles. His Puppy Raisers, the Hedges family, decide Ringo is ready to join them on a road trip up the coast.

The kids, April and Archie, begin counting down the days until they leave. Ringo’s excited too! When they arrive, Ringo is fascinated with the new environment. It seems like dog heaven, until something frightens him and he runs away. Where has Ringo gone!

MEG’S BIG MYSTERY Lachie Byrnes is proud to be helping raise Meg, a budding Guide Dog. After living with the Byrnes family for a few month, Meg has just started puppy preschool!

Meg is very good at obeying commands, except sometimes sit and stay! However, after a big day of training and activities, Meg becomes sick and has to be rushed to the Guide Dogs vet surgery. Lauchie is determined to use his detective skills to find out what is wrong with his beloved puppy.

WELCOME HOME, HARLEY Lexie and Tom Walker are super excited to meet their new eight-week-old puppy, Harley. Harley is extra special because she is a Guide Dog in training!

While Harley is gorgeous, she is also cheeky and good at causing trouble. In particular, she loves to chew things! It is up to Lexie and Tom, with their Puppy Raising Officer’s help, to teach Harley some basic obedience so she can prove to everyone she is Guide Dog material.

Suitable for ages 6+

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