Corporate Volunteering.

Volunteering at Guide Dogs Queensland with your colleagues is a great way to give back to the community.

On-site Corporate Volunteering

Want to make an IMPACT and engage your team?

Are you looking for a meaningful and exciting way for your team or workplace to create an impact? Why not take part in an Impact Day at Guide Dogs?

Here at Guide Dogs we have been supporting people with low vision and blindness for over 60 years. Whether it’s matching someone with a life-changing guide dog or teaching a young child to use their first rainbow cane, our team are here to support Queenslanders of all ages to live with confidence, independence and freedom.

We’d love to share more of what we do here at Guide Dogs and invite you to come onsite for one of our exciting Impact Days.

Two people seated outside holding eight week old labrador puppies. One of the puppies is yellow and the other is black. Both people are looking at the camera smiling.

Why take part in an Impact Day?

Volunteering with Guide Dogs through an Impact Day offers an engaging way for your team to get involved and give back.

It also provides an incredible opportunity to develop teamwork skills, build stronger relationships, and increase both self and team values, helping to improve overall team culture.

We believe everyone can make an impact when they become part of the Guide Dogs community for a day and maybe even become a forever friend!

What does an Impact Day involve?

All our Impact Days can be tailored to your team’s specific requirements and schedule.

Typically, an Impact Day is hosted onsite at the Guide Dogs Bald Hills Nursery and Training Centre and includes:

  • Taking part in the “Collection Dog challenge” to give a new lease on life to some of our more “tired” looking Collection Dogs. These iconic Collection Dogs help Guide Dogs raise significant funding through the community each year and now you can be part of this impact too!
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the Guide Dogs campus and facilities.
  • The chance to meet our incredible guide dogs-in-training or some of our beautiful pups.
  • The opportunity to take part in educational, hands-on activities and gain insight into what day-to-day tasks are like for someone with low vision or blindness.
  • The chance to see firsthand some of the ways we support our clients through specialised programs and services.
  • A light lunch and a great team-bonding opportunity at the beautiful Guide Dogs campus.
  • A Supporter Pack for each participant to take home!

The Deloitte Foundation

Corporate Volunteers are an essential part of the Guide Dogs community and we would not be able to operate without them.

The Deloitte Foundation have been involved in corporate volunteering since 2017, as well as contributing to the national workplace giving program. Madi from Deloitte has recently been a part of a corporate volunteering day, taking part in the Collection dog challenge.

“ As part of Impact Day 2020, a team of 10 from the Deloitte Brisbane office volunteered at the Guide Dogs campus at Bald Hill. It was a great day and I know the entire team thoroughly enjoyed it especially getting to cuddle the puppies”.

Make an impact today

Our Corporate Partnerships Advisor, Victoria is on hand to discuss partnering with Guide Dogs Queensland.

The ripple effect of your generosity makes an incredible difference to the lives of people with low vision and blindness. If an Impact Day sounds like something your team could be interested in, please get in touch with us.

Contact Victoria to find out how your team or workplace can create an impact for Guide Dogs today!

Other ways to support

In addition to our Impact Days, we have plenty of other ways you can support through skilled, community and event based volunteering.

Corporate Volunteering Flyer

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"Every partnership is a new opportunity for us to make a difference. I look forward to discussing how we can impact the lives of fellow Queenslanders together. — Victoria, Corporate Partnerships Advisor"

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Get your team involved in corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering is a great way to build team bonds while supporting the community.

Create a spark of hope this Christmas.

With your help, the next generation of Guide Dogs can follow in the paw prints of Hank and change the lives Queenslanders like Helen.