Community Volunteering.

Volunteer and help change the lives of people with vision loss.

Share your time to make an impact!

No matter how you choose to help, your contribution is part of a bigger picture.

Our head office

  • Administration support
  • Corporate team days

Brisbane and surrounding suburbs

  • Warehouse assistant
  • Fundraising stalls
  • Merchandise stalls
  • Community events

Regional Queensland

  • Warehouse assistant
  • Retail assistant
  • Merchandise stalls
  • Community events

Administration support

Volunteer at our head office and assist us with activities like folding letters, scanning and community-based work.

  • Commitment: Flexible
  • Location: Head office
  • Skill level: Basic to intermediate
Two people seated outside holding eight week old labrador puppies. One of the puppies is yellow and the other is black. Both people are looking at the camera smiling.

Community events

Put your paws up to represent Guide Dogs at exciting community events.

  • Commitment: Flexible
  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Skill level: Basic (training provided)
A person sitting on the ground outside next to a 12 week old yellow labrador puppy. The person is smiling at the camera.

Fundraising stalls

Volunteer at our merchandise and fundraising stalls!

  • Commitment: Flexible
  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Skill level: Basic (training provided)

Corporate volunteering

Lend a helping paw for a day with your work team through a variety of team based tasks and activities.

  • Commitment: One time
  • Location: Brisbane
  • Skill level: Basic
A person smiling at the camera while holding two mini Guide Dog plush puppies.

Retail assistant

Play a key role in the success of our Bundaberg Op Shop and help us out in customer service.

  • Commitment: Regular
  • Location: Bundaberg
  • Skill level: Intermediate (training provided)
A seven week old yellow labrador puppy crewing on a bright coloured toy.

Warehouse assistant

Support us behind the scene with tasks like stock management sorting and cleaning.

  • Commitment: Regular
  • Location: Bundaberg and Brisbane
  • Skill level: Intermediate (training provided)

Not sure where to start?

Brittany, our Volunteer Coordinator, is on hand to help you, help us.

Call 1800 810 122

"By volunteering, you can give your time and skills to make a real difference and become part of an incredible community."
- Brittany, Volunteer Coordinator

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Community volunteering is a great way to meet people while supporting the community.

Hector saved Louise.

Three years ago, it was a miracle they survived. Now, the Miracle Litter are saving lives themselves.