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Townsville Region Visit – Counselling and Psychology

Date | Time
Mon 29 January, 2024
Townsville QLD, Australia
07 3500 9001

About the event

Our Counselling and Psychology Specialist Janet will be visiting the Townsville region from 29 January to February 1. If you are looking for a visit with Janet, please click here to fill in our online enquiry form or contact 07 3500 9001 to book in a time.

When you experience a change in vision, you have to adjust to a new way of understanding the world. It can be difficult, but we’re here to support you through every step.

From the moment you discover that your vision may change, we’re on hand to listen with empathy and guide you through your whole experience.

Throughout your initial feelings and beyond, we can support you to understand and accept your situation, address any barriers or concerns, and look after your overall health and wellbeing.

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