Townsville Region Visit – Assistive Technology and Occupational Therapy – February

Date | Time
Tue 20 February, 2024
Townsville QLD, Australia

About the event

Our Assistive Technology and Occupational Therapy specialist Itanje will be visiting the Townsville region from 20 February to 23 February. If you are looking for a visit with Itanje, please click here to fill in our online enquiry form or contact 07 3500 9001 to book in a time.

Assistive Technology

Technology can make life easier for everyone. There are many tools and devices to help you access information, find your way around, connect with friends, or enjoy your favourite activities.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists are health professionals who can support you to achieve your goals in everyday life at home, work, or school; whatever your age and whatever your level of vision.

‘Everyday life’ can mean something different for every person with low vision or blindness. If you have a specific skill you’d like to learn as part of your routine, we can create a program so that you can master it. From following your favourite recipes or doing your makeup to managing your banking or using the computer, Occupational Therapists ensure you can approach your day with confidence.

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