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Accessible Partnerships

Empower your business: Introducing Accessible Partnerships with Guide Dogs Queensland
People doing sighted guide.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of accessibility and inclusivity in your organisation while making a profound social impact?

Introducing Guide Dog Accessible Partnerships – a groundbreaking initiative brought to you by Guide Dogs Queensland, that redefines the way businesses engage with the community and strives for a more accessible future for all.

In today’s dynamic landscape, diversity and inclusivity are not just buzzwords, they are integral components of business success. As leaders in the field of vision accessibility solutions, Guide Dogs is proud to offer Accessible Partnerships.

This initiative is designed to empower businesses like yours to create environments that are welcoming and inclusive for individuals of all abilities, particularly those with low vision or blindness.

Expert consultancy:

Gain access to the expertise of Guide Dogs’ professionals who specialise in accessibility solutions. Our team will work closely with you to assess your current practices, identify areas for improvement and implement tailored solutions that enhance accessibility in your organisation around all elements that are impacted by vision.

Reputation enhancement:

Position your business as a leader in inclusivity and social responsibility. By partnering with Guide Dogs, you demonstrate your commitment to creating accessible environments, fostering positive brand perception among customers, employees and stakeholders alike.

People walking through a door while doing sighted guide and learning about accessibility.

Valuable benefits:

Enjoy a range of benefits tailored to meet your organisation’s needs, including consultancy services, on-site audits, training programs, co-branded marketing materials, and more. Each tier of partnership offers unique opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Social impact:

Make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with low vision or blindness. By investing in accessibility initiatives through your partnership with Guide Dogs, you contribute to the creation of a more inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

People learning about living with a white cane.
Our Corporate Partnerships Advisor, Victoria is on hand to discuss your business accessibility needs.
Contact Victoria or make an enquiry below!
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Ready to lead the way in accessibility?

Join us on the journey to a more inclusive future with an Accessible Partnership supported by Guide Dogs Queensland. Together, let's unlock boundless opportunities and open doors for all. Elevate your business with Guide Dogs Queensland and join the movement towards accessibility and inclusivity today.