Sahar and ‘Wally’

Sahar has been partnered with a beautiful young Guide Dog named ‘Wally’ thanks to you!

Guide Dog 'Wally’ has changed a life!

Your support really changes lives...

“Wally has truly changed my life and the life of my family. He is such a devoted companion and I can’t imagine our lives without him now.

My hope is that many other Queenslanders with vision loss are able to experience the freedom I have with ‘Wally’.

If you are able to support Guide Dogs, please do. Your support really changes lives. Thank you.”

– Sahar

You were there for us

Thank you for your past support and your loyalty throughout 2020.

At the start of this New Year, we wanted to say thank you for your past support and your loyalty throughout 2020.

During the uncertainty of the past year, we have been overwhelmed by the steadfast loyalty of the Guide Dogs’ community.

You were there for us when we needed your support with 28 puppies born during the worst of COVID-19.

Thank you for your support when we needed innovative solutions to deliver services to regional Queenslanders when we couldn’t travel.

You were there for us as we made history and legalised access to disability parking for vision impaired Queenslanders.

You were there for us and our clients as we navigated through a year of continuous challenges.

You were there for us when we needed you most.

It is because of your kindness and generosity that we were able to match Sahar with her first guide dog ‘Wally’, in 2020.

Despite the ever-changing world, Sahar found certainty in ‘Wally’. Her life has been changed forever.

In 2021 we would like to do the same for the 27 other Queenslanders still on the waitlist for a guide dog. Together we can provide certainty in a still uncertain times.

We are here for Queenslanders because you are here for us.

"My daughter loves ‘Wally’ and she knows when he is working. She’s always trying to tell the kids at school not to distract or touch him. It’s very cute. ‘Wally’ is part of our family now."
- Sahar, on her daughter’s new relationship with ‘Wally’

What your support will mean...

The impact a guide dog can have is very powerful, changing more than just the life of their handler.

Sahar knows just what she would say to anyone who is currently on the waiting list for a guide dog.

“The wait is worth it. Making sure you find the perfect match is so important and every second is worth it when you get that phone call.”

Every family deserves the opportunity to live their lives and achieve their shared goals, no matter what barriers may come their way.

Together, we can change the lives of more Queenslanders on the waiting list for a guide dog in 2021. Will you give a gift today?

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